In the shallow pond lies the leaves,
Falling. Changing. Sending us on 
Their journey.
Reconciling our own mortality, we watch them 
Metamorph into brown dirt over time. We trod on them 
Until they lose color. Rain takes the sweet from their veins, 
Washing nutrients into the land. 
We fall ourselves, into routines and structure,
Unable to absolve the heat inside ourselves
Leaning towards misunderstanding we folly
We lose sight of the waning leaves asking us to 
Accept death as the natural order of things
Our fight to see the spring allows us to falter 
From acceptance, we too must perish 
Our drive pushes us to our own next steps.
Steps not defined by natural order.
We make movements with our hearts through our hands 
Healing the fear inside 
Monumental steps. 
Our journey usurped by time
Our minds melting,
Our hearts giving
Our eyes learning
Our power. Our internal fuel.
We are absolved from fighting death
For our creations light the way to a future
Begging for peace, begging for intelligence
Wise enough to know that our gifts are for helping
We are to nourish with our ideas.
As the land soaks up our abilities, spreading it across borders
Know we find peace in trying to save a life, 
Making a difference, holding on another accountable for cruelty.
We change with the winds
Our used up selves will be compost for the next generation,
Ready to redefine the archaic structures that leave so many behind.
We are their platform into a new beginning for humanity,
We are teaching acceptance not hate. Justice, not war. Environment, not just self. Empowerment, not fear.
We are evolving.


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