Call to Action

There is a call to action
It is time to set aside those factions
Separating people from truth and justice
Look at our riches, but don’t touch this.
Following the followers,
Turning people into borrowers.
Erasing the history of the suffering
Whitewashed and polished for learning
 Souls hanging after lynching
Forgotten and lost, old mothers cringing
Land purged of the original ancestors
Now blended into soldiers of many colors
Changing things by breeding kings
For a nation in desperate need of wings
Chopped off because of so many killings
Of innocent beings, few to claim they are winning.
Old souls needing their justice
Families walking into courts, ready to bust this.
One man punished with a 10 year sentence,
Cry out when the same crime with white skin
Sees no jail and community service.
We will blast the nonsense with education,
Higher wages, roof over heads and pensions.
It is time for a new world order
It is time for history to know who stands inside these borders.
A mix up of people, fearless of the old world order
Where oppression stood in place by systematic murder.
Watch the transition of America happen and see who says what and when
Homegrown terrorists shunned by peace, voting rights and the power of a pen.
We these bad men rule people with terror.
It is we who will take them down by marching on and prayer.
We will knock down the wicked and we will hunt the evil ones
Preying on our children, holding us hostage, turning us to victims.
We will watch the evil light up on fire
We will set the stage for these greed-filled liars,
Lying that they will care for the people
Instead hoarding resources , releasing  just a trickle.
Their politics will die out as the wicked die out,
Penniless old wretches
On the other side where there is no clout
So watch how we do this in a very simple way
We speak the truth, write the truth, and we always have our say.
We flood up the noise with powerful messages and positive vibrations
We talk to each other and stand up for the powerless in lower stations.
We make the money useless because we know the power of our voice.
We never stop singing the message, we never stop the noise.
We will stand up for this Earth and all of its creatures,
We owe her for our existence; we care for her by becoming teachers
Spreading the message of peace and defining what are true blessings
Marching ourselves into another day, knowing the issues we are addressing.
We are a united front.
We are fearless and blunt.
With this new knowledge we clean up the pollution.
Talking about the problems, finding people with solutions.
It is time our history books write a better conclusion,
Equality for all children, women and men.
And with that, there is nothing more to say than, Amen.


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