Today's funeral reminds me that I only have the present to be passionate and mindful of giving my ultimate best to myself and others. I reach Jamaican shores depleted, unhealthy and battle worn. I am letting this little piece of earth build me into the strong woman I know I am capable of being. 

I have this feeling now that it will work out. My faith is strong and my will to be here, alive and productive, is unshakeable. My enemies, even the ones inside of me - doubt, insecurity and all those little bugs trying to wreak havoc - have not shaken me.

Once I took the majestic tree as my symbol. But the battles I have fought have made me claim the strength of the birds, the seas and oceans and their creatures, the felines, the canines, the clouds, the vines, the bees and the sun that rises and sets. 

But the center of my strength is Christ. And my teacher of peace is a soft spoken Buddhist man. It has taken a powerful army of Earth to bring me to this moment. For those who have loved, cared, worked their asses off for this journey to begin, I most humbly thank you. Thank you so much for believing in me. Thank you for carrying me.

I will do my best to live up to expectations. What is the goal? Peace and Blessings on Earth, of course. At the end everything we do is for the children and their dreams. For them especially, peace, blessings.


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