Journey to the dream

Today I went back in time and watched Waiting to Exhale. A little older now, I related to the characters in a much deeper way. There are so many questions women have to face when you don't see a partner by your side. The question is, if he or she doesn't come, does that mean the journey was meant to walk alone?

I am starting to realize that a lot of shows try to keep people from giving up on love. Valentine's is around the corner and I'll admit, I was that girl with the beautiful roses and the handsome partner showering me with affection. Instead, I'm walking towards a divorce. It's almost a relief. But it's also feels like I've been downgraded. I know he loves someone else. And its okay. Well, it's getting to be okay. I just wanted to last.

Today I also felt proud. I felt like I'm a good mom, I try, and this road I walk isn't all flowers, sunshine and baby pictures. I'm so real, and occasionally so hood with it that I can't deny the journey that I insist on making, for my children's sake. There are a lot of people working to do good. I really believe my children will be in a better world.

It starts with a dream.


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