Little Girl

As the Earth moves
I flow and then ebb
Old music soothes the old lady within
Children sulk then smile, fight then play.
Accepting the grown baby rejects the old
Embracing the long legs and independence.
I can do it myself replaces the yearning cries
Moving on into a new era
Hair barrettes and ponies still the craze
Pinks purples maybe blue or red
Thinks she's grown, flexing her
Loquacious muscles with new ideas
New commands ready to put someone in their place
Fighting insecure moments with visions of superpowers
Little girl coming of age
In between baby and woman
Attempting each moment with grace,
Instead hits or misses and awkward
Spurts of growing, spurts of lessons learned.
Soon she will be a lady.

For now, she pretends.


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