New Year Reality

It is winter. It is usually thought of as a time to hibernate, to lay low, blanketed, comforted by warmth if we are blessed. But I think it is also  a time for self reflection. What do I plan to when it warms? What's next? Mandela passing has been a time for thought. What am I doing to make things better? I had this dream that he was sitting on the side of a river. I thought he was fishing. In the background was a run down motel and a struggling pregnant lady tried to make her way up the stairs with her suitcase. I was far away but it looked like someone was shouting at her. Without too many words I felt like he was trying to show me the women stuggling to keep it all together.

I have focused on a lot of things, right now I am dreaming and dreaming. But reality exists for me like eveyone else. Plucking the dream out of the night sky into a grounded earth reality is the challenge. Remembering to have dreams that work towards a better world, where everyone has the basics is the key. The basics, the survival basics, need to be covered. I know there are folks out there cold. I am warm. I am.  Thank God.

I took from thay dream that he was relaxing, peacefully. I also got that the  person struggling in my background is still a part of my reality. Where is my focus? Post-Christmas has been Vogue, CES, and all the other million things that break out in the New Year. But what needs to be a part of my voice is the reality of the average person, which is me too. I struggle. I got issues. But I have gifts. And finding my voice is paramount. Letting my voice be heard without worry of critique.

That is where I am. Where are you?


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