Wishing on a Star

I am wishing on a star that he's real.
I fantasize this man, kindness pouring out of him. Humbleness obviously is his mantra. His hands able to cup my face, hold it to his, reminding me that I am worthy. He is tired. He is lonely. He will be surprised that I will genuinely laugh at his jokes, loving that corny side of him. He knows his life's work and he honors his ancestors by his steadfast commitment. He's shy, but most people would never guess. He misses the cuddling that a woman by his side provides. There maybe lovers here and there, after this show or in this city. But this man is ready for more. The caresses on the cheeks, my lips pressed into the nape of his back. The fact that I'm the average girl allows him a private life the previous debutantes did not.

Can a song really make you fall in love? Can the voice of a man truly change a woman? I feel it has. I feel that I fell in love and I fell hard. I try so hard to not look like a teeny bopper fan bouncing around her coiffed idol, full of hair gel and plastic. I try to show the womanish, the real thing, the twin soul longing for her mate. How do you court the famous? How do I reach into the stars and pluck one for myself? How do I communicate that one song, and that other one, too, were made for my ears, my heart. He sits high in the stars. I sit lowly, humbled and wanting.

If he were to hear my cry, would he understand that most likely on our first touch of hands that our souls would recognize each other from long time back. Ladysmith and and Sweet Honey standing behind him, erecting him as a true voice of the movement, let me know that he was truly for me. Our missions on this earth still in progress glide together, creating a powerful union of spirits, soldiers for a better earth.

I will wait for him. This is the season of cleansing my body of the impurities I have allowed. This season is truly about my health. I put this first, before any man. But my loneliness is real. His voice in my ears is real. But is he real? I pray to God that he is. I pray that he walks into my life when I am renewed.

I do love him, that I know. And if I have to love from afar, so be it. But I want him to know that my love real. And I pray for him as if he already were my own, for his safety, for his strength, for his confidence, for his creativity and for his mind to open to the possibility. I dream many things, but for this man to love me back is a dream I hold onto. I am doing the work now on myself. I want to be ready if he does come calling. I want to be ready for what I think (pray, hope) God intends...


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