Again and again and again.

There will be many eloquent opinions to come on yet another Floridian disgrace to this nation. We should be over asking the question, "What is going on in Florida?" We are far past that. We now have to ask, "How is our legal system so blatantly designed on race? How is it that outcomes of justice we would expect in 1850 are displayed so radically in 2014? Why is our legal system, especially in southern states, so biased against black males? Why is the murder of black children consistently dismissed as accidents, minor lapses from normally sane people? 

The laws were designed in a time when people of color outside of the white majority needed to be controlled. They needed to serve or they needed to disappear. They had to be declared unworthy of justice because if they were not property, they were a threat.

As we redesign this culture to be inclusive of all people, the white majority opinions are only displayed in subversive, hushed tones. Only in the mindset of the white juror do we really see the built in hatred hundreds of years formed. So many years later we have to understand that allowing the putrid, disgusting ideologies of a era we long to put past us must happen by changing the oppressive system, the American, Southern American, justice system. This requires a strategic attack on every single injustice. This requires constant vigilance. It requires building an educated, voting, lawmaking body of people ready to fearlessly challenge the racism built into our legal system.

Slightly unrelated but relevant to me is the attack on rappers like Nicki Minaj. If you are upset by her lyrics, good. Rappers are teaching one thing to me: be fearless. Actually more than one thing: be powerful, own whatever it is you wish to own, I will fight you, I am not afraid...
She and other rappers create their own subversive response to the unfair realities  of American life. If you expect change, you must put the idea in the heads of those who must make the necessary changes, I can do this. It must be done. 
Actually, she does relate because Jordan Davis was listening to music Michael Dunn found offensive. That music, that chagrined rap music so distasteful to many is the outcry of generations, more than one, so sick of the hypocrisy. That music loud and proud pisses people off, just as it should. Let the music play. Let the people write their poetry in the lyrics. Louder, I say.

The system has to change. I'm not a lawyer, judge or congressman. I am just a person. A woman. Black. Mother. These rulings attack everything that matters to me, the safety of my children, especially the boy. So, let me just say this: I am so tired of you, Florida. Your ways need to change. As a matter of fact, you will change. You can keep your hate. But you will not call it justice. You will call it what it is, the lasting effects of an era long gone. Your ways are unjust and they must change. 

Change is coming.


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