I think the easiest way I have found to interact with my blog is honesty. I'm going to be real about the good and bad I see and feel in a given day. I don't think any less than honesty is the way I operate. No, I'm not going to say everything on my mind. But if it's a necessary relief, so be it, I will express myself.

I am sure I have said this before but the point of Harlem Mama is to share the perspective of a creative woman of color that is a mother, bi, most of the time single parenting two girls and once upon a time, a stepson (aged out of my mothering). That said, I realize how free my opinions can be because I have no organization or corporation persuading me to watch my mouth. 

I don't want to be famous in the sense cameras flash in my face. I do want the work I put out to be appreciated. Overlooking my postings, I feel good about the content. I like watching the steady growth of my children. Intertwined is my creative self and thoughts of empowerment. 

Woman with a public voice about private and public topics is something unseen in many countries, households. I do not take for granted my freedom to speak. Often my voice counters those conservatives, even liberals sometimes, because my perspective is not theirs. So, you are free to walk with me or not. 

Being an individual equals honoring oneself. I also realize that my journey includes inspiring those finding their voice to let it out. Many of us undervalue the struggles of past leaders that now allow us to walk unafraid. Let me say it again, many of us undervalue the struggles of past leaders that now allow us to walk unafraid.

If that means organizing your coworkers for a wage increase and benefits, be fearless in your fight. If that means putting the restraining order on the son of a bitch hitting you, be proud of your bravery. Maybe a local company has polluted your rivers, it is now the time you stand up and say what is unacceptable. Your local leaders are an email away. Online petitions go viral all the time, showing you're not alone in your frustration.

We are in a new age where we can communicate our problems until we find solutions. I personally take on the stance of nonviolence. If masses move peacefully I truly believe more is possible. Sitting at negotiating tables is not defeat. We all must learn to compromise. 
We also must stand against oppression and the injustices against innocent people. Money. Knowing that money doesn't buy self worth is key. The money doesn't make the person. The heart makes the person. But when so many suffer because they have no access to the basics means we have a system that doesn't work.

So much work to do. My part is to express myself honestly, giving my children a road map to the work they will have as adults. I am glad you stopped by to see our journey. 


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