"It is His will that every being be supplied."

Equality, it is a hard pill for humanity to swallow. Some say an impossibility. As I stride forward, wanting to attain my dreams, are my actions saying I am no less and no more than you? I remember my lack of equality in the textbooks I read  just because of the exclusion of so many histories. Histories forgotten because of inequality make me wonder if we will ever catch up in sharing each other's stories--our leaders, our soldiers, our inventors, etc. 

I understand the words of Bob Marley,"Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior
is finally and permanently discredited
and abandoned, everywhere is war.

That until there no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation and
until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, war. That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all,
without regard to race, war."

We are used to war now that we've had many generations to record epic battles, wins and losses and all the things historians find necessary to archive. We know the financial benefits to certain companies with government contracts, building weapons, gear, whatever one would need to win. War can be profits or it can be losses. We know the toll of war, the casualties on both sides leave humanity with less than before. The brilliance of what could be lays cold and dead instead. 

Some fight to keep people from reaching an equalizing level with the elite. Some warriors have no idea exactly what their enemy looks like.  The hidden truths in a bigger war leave most people praying their leaders make the right decisions, for the better good.

But the fact is that the glorious idea of equality will never exist when these things are not attained by every single human:
Upon receiving a birth certificate a person will receive certificates of 
Nourishment: access to enough food for a lifetime
Education: access to education beginning at age 2 until at least one technical degree or higher education degree is obtained
Land: access to enough land to raise crops and a family. New designs to building would be a necessity and landowners, including governments. would have to be willing to part with land. 
Water: A person would have access to clean water for an entire lifetime.
Work: Every person would have access to meaningful work, where they feel fulfilled and they are rewarded by fair wages and access to benefits.
Medical: Every human being has the right to medical care, no matter the illness and no matter the cost.
Protection: No human should live in fear. Every person has a right to pursue justice  against terroristic acts without retribution.

These certificates of humanity would equalize and unify mankind into the human race, instead of the current system of developed and developing, lords and slaves. We enter another season of Olympics where we must watch the poorer, smaller nations fight hard for their place at the feasting nations, rich enough to spend resources on more than necessities. We are proud to watch our strong nation enter the stadium but we should also take note with countries with only a few able to attend.

We should also see the numerous posts of black and brown history on the web as  ways cultures are equalizing the historical conversations defining American History. As we become a global leader in pretty much anything we plan to lead, we must take time in seeing how far behind we are in ackowledging the diversity of America. If our citizens come from other countries, knowing their first home culture says that America is truly an inclusive society, proud of its diversity.
Equality is plausible. Until then, he did say it was war.  Happy Birthday, Bob Marley.


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