Fetch me my tea, servant.

Love watching Downton Abbey. As I watched the first person of color enter the storyline after how many years of watching I thought about my life would look like if I erased every white person's image from my countless online spaces for three years..just to see how racist people would say I was. Pinterest would have a heart attack. They already do. Every time I flood my boards with black images or rewrite history by adding stories of black and brown people, the Pinterest response is to flood my next home page with pretty blonde white people.

 I love my English shows and I don't hate because of their lack of diversity. The reality is that England no longer exists and it has long been replaced by a concoction of all those conquests for world domination. Dominate the world and your average English person is now a concoction far from pale, white and royal.
But I enjoy this show's blast from the past soap opera-ish tale. And as I know some watchers probably take it all in as the glory days before it all went to hell. I on the other hand like that there is no shucking and jiving insert to add diversity just for the sake of being "fair." Instead, I think to myself. White people, entertain me. My people have worked long and hard entertaining you. Let's flip the script for an hour each week.
Ahem, hello? Somebody ring for my tea! Where are my servants when I need them?! Finding good help these days. I swear.


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