Protector and Dreamer

How do I express this?
Devotion absolute, laying the foundation
Accepting death, broken body, mangled spirit. Still, you love.
Your love humbles me. 
I stand here being the me that I am
Only because of you.
You hold my dreams in your hand. 
With fire you protect it.
With water you feed it.
With air you free it. 
With earth you hold it.
With fierce loyalty you breathe hope
Into my little dreams, in a land of many dreamers. 
My heart quakes at your sorrow.
So many pieces of you die just for ideas.
Blossoms find crevices
Nurtured sometimes with only scraps, refusing to give up.
I wish to wipe the blood blinding your eyes.
You push me away.
You do not think I understand.
You push me away. 
Are my dreams foreign? 
Do they leave salt on your tongue?
Yet, you protect. You fight.
This New America so complex, colorful, rebellious, distinct.
I put your garments to the side,
I have the same instinct, calling, instruction.
Without boundaries I speak. 
Within boundaries you hold.
We stitch together a chattery fabric, weaving in more and more dreams.
Together we share this. This work is ours.
We bind it with our hearts.
The seeds must grow.
We give thanks, praying for another day, another breath.
In that moment the sun rises again, and again and again, we move ourselves forward, continuing our weaving into another generation. 
Resolute to save our best for the next ones.
Giving them hope.
Growing their dreams.
Cloaking them with our courage.


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