The D Word.

Divorce = pain + anger + (freedom?)
Just get it over with already. Hurt and angry today. And the fun has yet to begin...
Trust? Will that ever happen again?
When do I stop being angry?
When do I see a future of better?
Seriously, the finale has to be better than this unfinished realm of purgatory.
Thought at this point hurt wouldn't be an issue.
Unneccessary emotions, in my opinion.
Odd and out of place.
Shaking my head. Most of me moved on ages ago.
Facing the technical parts of this just pull me in directions I don't really understand.


  1. I am hearing you. I remember reading Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, years ago, after my divorce and a multitude of other books to help me try to attain some sort of peace, but it never came because as soon as I was somewhat relieved from that, another crisis occurred...death of a loved one.... I began to see, yes in this "realm of purgatory" there is an endless stream of pain. In Tolle's book, he talks about a "pain body." I can relate to this pain body because of the suffering passed on to each of us from one generation to another. My grandmother's pain and so on. But, I did glean something from his books even though it's not necessarily in line with Catholic teaching.


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