Parents seriously need to step up. Today I was one of only two parents that showed up for Parent Teacher Conference. Out of about 20 students, this is just embarrassing. I understand work conflicts, but I do not understand not communicating at all with the teacher. At least schedule a phone conference. I am finding that as I go along the public school path for my children, I am growing more and more frustrated with a broken system. It is broken from the perspective that there is so much bureaucracy, teachers spend more time filling out proof that they are teaching rather than just teaching. Exercise and the arts have pretty much fallen to the waste side. Discipline no longer exists because every student bully has a parent just waiting for their next lawsuit if someone even looks at their child wrong. 

Parents. What the hell happened to parents? When did parents stop seeing the importance of school? Why do I see over and over again in my black community so many parents being such asses? Why are you defending your child's bullying? Why is your third grader writing at the level of a first grader? Why are you more interested in your child's little league over what is going on in their classroom every day? Why do you tolerate your children being dismissed from consideration for good teachers, good field trips, good extracurricular activities and all the other goodness that derives from parental involvement in the children's day to day? I used to be such a devoted PTA mom. Now, my heart isn't in it. I've gone from this idea of improving the lives of all the children to just trying to fend for my own. I've been so disgusted with complacency of the average parent in my community that I've pretty much avoided any contact whatsoever. I am at that point where I am tired of blaming segregation or this being the after effects of slavery. I'm not down with that because the fact is good parental behavior can go viral if parents truly felt like stepping up. It is called a change in societal norms. Right now, when it comes to education, societal normalcy in the black community is to be fine with failure -- failure of the school system, the child and the parent. It is normal for children to spend more time watching TV and video games than they spend on their homework. It is also normal for fun activities to be placed at a higher status than education. 

One thing I know for a fact, if education is not the priority in your household, do not expect your child to be prepared for the more complex and higher jobs down the road. If you don't know what STEM is, you better look it up! You have NO idea what's down the road. If your child is not on the road for higher education, just admit to yourself and your child that you do not prioritize education and are holding yourself and your child back to what is comfortable. This means barring them from participating in a global community where they will be able to speak and write their voices so that others understand them. We are short of leaders in the black community. There are too few voices out there able to eloquently express themselves because there has been such a complete failure of educating people. When I think of people losing their lives because they were caught reading makes me wonder. People died so I could write. People died so I could read. People died so I could go to school. The pathetic ignorance of today gnaws at my soul because it makes no sense whatsoever. I am sure I can find some books on the subject, but I don't want to hear anymore reasons why my black community fails our children so blatantly by disregarding the importance of education. I give up. I may be homeschooling next semester. I am tired of the bullying and I am very tired of my child trying to dumb down her intelligence so she can fit in with children who seem incapable of rising to her abilities. She has a shortage of peers. This is unacceptable. My community digresses into stereotypes. I am sad.


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