Not Enough

We sit twisting, turning
In our seats debating
Is she going to kiss me
or do we continue teasing?
Our legs were intertwined
under the bistro table.
We sip wine and tell fables.
She sounds militant while
I sound ambivalent.
Yet when our paths cross
We are no longer fighting the cause.
We play in each other's hair,
sneaking kisses when no one is near.
She's mad I'm just not out enough.
I like my privacy and family haters'
Holy rolling makes it rough.
She hisses those pretty white teeth
At me and sticks out her tongue
Tempting me to lunge
Into her with my hands and lips
Grabbing her hair,
Squeezing her hips.
I don't do this often, I say.
I know, she replies.
And with a push to my chest,
She walks away.


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