Not ready to settle.

There is nothing like a Tyler Perry movie to get me thinking. I know a lot of people who don't like his movies. I love them. I watched his play the Marriage Counselor and I just enjoyed the movie adaptation, Temptation. Seeing that I am now a single woman, I can see how I can easily fall into drama by being naive. I can see myself trying to change out that nerdy girl for someone a little more fly. I can see me falling for pretty words, shallow and just words at the end of the day. I need to be picky, patient and accept God's timing. Now that is the challenge. I started to think really, what would be great in a relationship? Scrabble, movies, nature hikes, kid friendly stuff to do, dancing, geek conventions, beach vacays, traveling the country and the world, things like that. Maybe a little skydiving and carnival celebrations. Both kinds of football, maybe a little baseball, maybe. I think I am past wild parties and the Vegas kind of life. I was never there anyway. We shall see. But I was reminded that the timing is His, not mine. Otherwise, a mess can ensue. Patience.


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