The Mother Figure

The she that made me. Standing by my side. The peacemaker healing old emotional scars with persistent love. She leads. She steps back and let's me lead. She honors the woman I am through her patience. I have parents who know that I am green. I have a while to go, God willing. I am still young and learning. But those who know this family know that I am one of the lucky ones. Moms like mine, God favored me. I am working on other relationships in my life. I try to find my dignity while I practice patience and forgiveness. It is hard. It is easy most times with my mother, the diplomat, easing people into compromise. She stays calm when I go blazing my way. I did not inherit that. I must practice centering myself, calming my soul, remaining steady when noisy humans tempt me into anger. I have a long way to go. But my mother is by my side. That is my peace, love and blessings.


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