The Day the Music Died

I look out into the ripples. I find serenity. This is my morning on a good day. I leave this place feeling ready. I remind myself that I am stronger than I think. Right now I feel rejected. I realize what you hear, the lyrics that sound powerful are really just chants for a crowd I do not hear. I do not stand to the side. I do not stand on hay. I will never lower myself to the childish things because I am grown. I may have the emotions associated with the younger set, but I am so far from that place. I wasn't even there when I was that age. I adore music. I know so much. But when I am stuck in a sea of people just mimicking, are they really understanding the words? Do they know what they mean? Do they hear the highs and lows? Where's the music? Where's the dancing? Where's the band? Where's the nuance? It is not on a field of hay with bobbing heads. That's why I invest in good speakers. So few people have mastered the live show. It is not a lost art, it's just lost on a generation that need to find their way to something a little less chattel.

Do you know what I do when I prepare to go out for an evening of music? I bathe, I oil my skin. I put on essential oils and I wash my hair over and over. I want to be completely into the sounds. I want to feel the speakers. I want the man I am dancing with to smell my hair and go completely wild because he can't place it, but he absolutely loves it. The bass. The rhythms. The movements of an audience mesmerized and in the moment. I don't get out much, but when I do, I will make sure to make better choices for my money. Total waste today. Thank God I had the most beautiful morning.


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