My Man.

A woman trying to find her soulmate is like a hungry tiger or wolf, alone, hunting for one. It is a gnashing at the insides because what remains is a hollow shell, striving for like minds full of visions and the present and the future and full knowledge of the past. Finding a soulmate out of the sea of souls is as dangerous as the Montegues and the Capulets, but the two insisted. I do not choose their faith. I will continue searching for him. It his him in this lifetime. He knows how to bend these branches and oil these leaves. He knows how to speak into these ears, whispering knowledge. Whispering truths of this land and that one because without knowledge, there is no truth and there is no justice. So like the wind he soars through the pines, knowing where to find the woman of he never knew. He knew her in his heart on his lonely travels down empty roads looking down into the sea of unknown faces. He wanted her, but he couldn't place her in this lifetime. He couldn't find her.
Then one day she set off a beacon. She let him hear her heartbeat. She let him hear her steady pulsating beat out into the network. She fished this ocean and that, throwing back all she did not need. Yet, she kept searching for this soul that touched hers. How do you find the bird with the broken wing? Ask the hawks protecting their nests. They will lead the way. She's left bread crumbs everywhere for you, but she knows your bitter heart. She knows you trust no one. She knows you would soldier on alone for the rest of the days because the message was greater than love. The message had to be sent. The messengers had to do their duty. They were bound by honor and love.
Can she find him? Is he closer? How do you find a soul with a face you never met?Again and again and again we move through time trying to close this circle. Do not mistake this as desperation. There is no desperate in the halls of this castle. There is only imagination, inspiration, and the fight for equal justice and blessings for everyone. 


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