My Love,

I wrote this months ago. Thought I lost it, but I found it in a pile. I've started a poetry compilation. This one is short and sweet, but the dreams that came along with it, powerful.

By my side you are there,
Here next to me I sit,
I stand,
Loving you.
By my side I hear you calling,
My love, my adonis.
You are in my heart,
In my head.
In my hand,
I hold your face
For you are mine, always.

Something so small made this quake in my life because the dreams were strange and so resembling reality. I'm glad I can step back now and see them as just words unattached to anyone specific. In my dreams I see him, but he isn't my reality so I've made this pretty awesome peace with that. I'm sitting, facing him, consoling him after a very terrible day. To ease his mind, we make love. With my legs wrapped around him and my hands cradling his face, I look into his eyes and I remind him that we are only human, fallible, malleable, prone to mistakes and successes. The bad days come with the good and looking into his eyes I remind him that he doesn't face his mistakes alone because this woman stands by her man. It was not real, it never happened in my real life and I really have never seen in the actual flesh that man that I swore to love and protect. But in the fewest of words, it made a powerful, staying image in my mind. I keep coming back to the movie Cloud Atlas. That is what it felt like, a scene repeated in the past, love continuing to find its path, one generation into the next, one lifetime into the next. In my dreams...


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