Pharrell dons the feathers

I was surprised to learn of the controversy, I'm way late, about Pharrell posing in a Native American headdress.  Now I realize that this watercolor doesn't have the same meaning behind it as I intentioned it to have. The image was majestic and beautiful, in no way shaming Native American culture. That's why I placed Made in America on it. I am a born Jamaican, but being raised here, I'm also a part of what is made of America. I, along with this iconic artist, have American tales to tell. I don't really know his lineage, but I hope some Native Americans can understand that there are so many symbols of Americana that are revered and visually stunning. At this point, as black culture has been shared, so has Native culture. That means to me that we are all sharing our culture and it is now being intertwined and it can be classified as Made in America, which is not a bad thing. I just have to disagree with folks saying there needed to be an apology after this photo shoot. It was for Elle magazine, by the way. And it was so lovely, I had to paint it.


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