Imagining Carnival

In the journey of thoughts I find movement
Frenetic, pulsating beats,
Crackling static making pleats
Into the wet air streams
Of perspiration beading down the body.
Drumbeats meld with heartbeats
For in this staccato there is no melancholy.
Deafening and booming through the land
Every shiny bauble, every note, a symphony well planned
I stand back grasping a pole jutting into humid air
I watch the revelry, my senses ecstatic and aware,
As the bombardment of the crowd engulfs me,
Parts of my soul quake in the din cacophony
Aching in the sidelines, only imagination
No personal memories filled with libation
A liberation of the physical self,
Only a taunting of the mental belles
Dancing in my mind with no inhibitions

Lost in the sea of caustic and wild celebrations.


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