Dear kids, racism is real.

I am saddened by the Charleston shootings. This is mainly a blog for the future, a place the kids can look back and get a glimpse of what mom was like, and what their childhood was like. I feel strange talking about Charleston. I used to live there years ago and I still think it is one of the most beautiful places out there. To my children, the world is full of evil and ignorance. What we have to do is acknowledge that bad people walk into churches and kill people they do not know. Murder is a type of evil that is a sickness of the human condition. The terrorist who did this believed he needed to cleanse America of black people. Well, my children, we are here. We are black and proud. I am raising you to see that despite the setbacks of being a true minority, only 13 percent of the US population is black, we are still strong. I teach you pride in your Jamaican and American heritage because you belong here and you deserve the best, despite what hateful people may say.  Over the years the struggles will come and even though you will see, hear and feel oppression at some point in your life, know that you come from survivors and many people died for your freedom. We are no longer slaves and there are many out there who hate this.  But as long as self love is real inside of you, you will grow stronger against those who want to define you by your skin color. One day I will have to teach you about the ways of the world, but hopefully your generation will be the one to try to make positive changes for the American community, starting with tackling gun violence. My generation seems to be stuck on the issue and many people die, thanks to so little control over weapons in our communities.  Black people are most definitely under attack and that's why, you must always understand that the few who ruin America for everyone have a hate beyond our understanding. That hate festers into violence against innocent people and this scenario plays out often now in our schools, public spaces and once again, our churches. To my children I say stay strong and I hope you lead the way by just being amazing in whatever you choose to do with your lives. We win this terrible war by being beautiful, black and proud. But the truth is very ugly. Hateful people live amongst us and we should be quite aware that our triumphs can be seen as a threat. So understand that and know your family loves and supports you. Try not to let the hateful ones bitter your own hearts against people. We are all the same human species and we need to look out for one another, despite the trivial differences that sick, evil people use to divide us. 


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