Home it is.

Well it's official. Amelia is an online school now so homeschooling begins. Technically, she's not in a homeschool program since it's a public charter school online, but on the other hand, technically, she'll be learning from home so homeschooling is an appropriate term. She begged me to do it, but it wasn't a hard decision. While she watches My Little Pony and Monster High, the kids in her class are bragging about watching Empire. Empire? Really? 4th graders. Am I too old school or something to think that the show is pretty much not for the elementary set? We will try homeschooling and see how it goes. I just couldn't take her complaining. Since she was in 2nd grade she asked me to homeschool her. It seems there just weren't enough good kids to hang out with to declare the school fit. I was taken aback by the fact it was obvious that teaching to the next test was normal and accepted. The children didn't have one field trip and since I didn't make much effort to participate this year, I got exactly that from her teacher. I won't fuss about it too much. It is what it is. I could've done better, but I did expect more. She made honor roll, but sometimes I wondered if there really was much challenge. I won't be homeschooling Gracie anytime soon. I'm kind of afraid of her being the bully one day, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. 


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