Making Space

With some cleaning and a little rearranging, this will be Amelia's new classroom. I will still give myself studio time, but it is her designated study space now. I shipped a lot of my own stuff into the basement and created a little office space for myself. I'm giving myself a little scolding on how full my life is while I get frustrated with the dating game. I look at images like this and I remind myself to see the fullness of my life. I'm not painting as much lately, but for the next month, I bought ceramics studio time so I will work on sculptures. I'm self-publishing a children's book of my art work so I should have it off the presses soon. I look into this image deeply and remind myself of the blessings and the future. I've taught art and tutored in this space and now that is becoming a dedicated classroom, I feel great. My children are with their dad for the summer so I have a lot of time to think and work on things. Life is good. But seriously, if you've been crushing on me since you've been a blog reader, now is the time to speak up. Ha! I cracked myself up with that one because I know my readers are mostly quiet watchers, not participators. But I see the numbers. There are people reading this thing. :-) 


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