Hydrangeas 2015

I finally finished after a long, long time the background to my oil painting of the blue hydrangeas. I decided I needed to push through my creative drought by finishing this up. I don't usually sketch and paint. I usually just imagine something and paint, but I agreed with Jessica, paint them!

So I love the challenge of this virtual academy, although the amount of work has reduced Amelia to tears a couple times. She just has to get used to the work load. I always believed that people should never dismiss an online curriculum of any level. They are quite challenging. I didn't even feel bad about the tears. I comforted and just pushed her along.

Gracie came home with homework. Last year I just dismissed all homework, believing kindergarten is just too young for that kind of thing. I remember Amelia's preK homework as just old fashioned torture and I decided to hold off until now.

Longing for Fall, allergies at full blast.


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