I've been spending nights with a friend who is ill. Of course, her story is not mine to tell, but she inspires me with every moment she fights for. Whatever happens in my future, I hope I fight and keep hope and determination close by. It makes a difference, most definitely.

In other news, homeschooling is continuing on. We are slowly growing a rhythm, but we are having growing pains as she tries to exclaim its just too much work. What we are finding is that she's just a little slower and her mind wanders often, leaving her lingering on work a little too long. But she is slowly learning that the work is portable and we will take it along wherever we go and we will keep on going until it is complete because the curriculum exists for a reason. And if it doesn't finish in the day...homework. I reminded her that if she were in another home, in another country, in another era, she would be severely reprimanded for all that mind wandering. After a good talk yesterday about it, we had a much better day today.

I have had growing pains as well. The school calls me the Learning Coach since there are teachers in virtual space and on the phone, email or whatever when I need it. But teachers aren't sitting there answering questions, checking activities (well, they do get quizzes often so the computer and teacher checks those) and I am basically there through the daily grind so.....I absolutely must put on my teaching hat to get through a day successfully. But I love that part, and I do love that I can carry along the lessons for as long as I need to. I'm throwing in a little bit as well. In English I switched out another vocab assignment for a lesson on Setting and Themes since she did great on her vocab test earlier in the week. I also think that she should have the branches of government memorized so she's making me a diagram and I quiz her on them often. The one cool thing is that I am seeing what she knows and what she doesn't know so I feel knowledgeable and in the mix.

Socialization is going well. Maybe a little too well. I've had to cut back some of the fun stuff so we can get some work done, but I am trying to make time for friends and homeschooling groups. I just officially joined a pretty active group so I'm excited about that. I know they do science fairs and spelling bees alongside the fishing trips and other fun things.

Overall, growing pains aside, I feel like this is the best thing for my daughter. She's got a strong curriculum and she has support. I have support, too. My aunt and mother see what I'm doing and are in my corner all the way. I have to admit, it's a new day. With the online component, I feel like this is a very modern way of conducting homeschooling.

If all goes well, Gracie will get the same royal treatment in a few years, but for now, she's getting exactly what she needs at regular school. I know my child and I know my limits. And she comes home smiling so all is well with me.

P.S. I met a nice guy! Still early, but I am saying some prayers. If he's not a keeper, he'll be good dating practice for the next person. Hopefully, slowwwwwwwww and steady wins this race. We are turtles on this track.


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