New day

So Amelia is back in school. We made a list of pros and cons and school won. I read an article to give it a year, but we weren't happy. So far she has been excited to return to things, joining the sewing club and a girls empowerment club. Gracie is in tutorials. The curriculum isn't as challenging but it doesn't feel rushed either. We are just doing the best we can do. I am praying for a good school year. In other news, I am headed to NY for a much desired vacation. My mom and I are planning some girl's time. I am excited. She is the best traveling partner. After weeks of rain, the storm is over and my, mood is lifting. Tis the season. It has not been easy. But I count my blessings and try to avoid complaining too much. As they say, the struggle is real but so are the blessings.


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