Seasons Change

So we are being challenged right now. Homeschooling is not an easy thing every day. This is an adjustment for both of us. Not ready to throw in the towel but I think I have to keep an open mind about the future.
I've been venting to friends lately about lots of stuff but I have this need to try to keep things here positive. Seasons are changing and so is my mood. So part of me just wants to give thanks for the blessings but another wants to be realistic of the fact that there are bad days. So recently, I have had both. Life is being lived, I guess. What I know is that patience is something I have to practice often because I always rush and I expect results immediately. Backing off of that because I am getting caught up in my own wants over realstic abilities and expectations of those around me. Patience woman....and I am also learning that what's in the cards still happens at God's pace. Patience.
I made these flowers out of pastels and tissue paper with gloss. I am craving some textured paper and bigger canvas but it is not the time for such things. Simple living is best as we prep for winter. Boots, heating bills, holidays, etc. Live being lived, as I said earlier. Big shout out to my parents who have both been awesome Grandparents. We are blessed. They are reducing my stress! And thank God for allowing us to watch a tree fall in front of us on the road instead of being victims. Nothing more humbling than watching a massive oak tip over. We are so tiny in the scheme of things. We are merely large ants.


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