Good Times....

Friends are awesome. A day at the science museum up above. So I haven't posted in a while. I've been taking a break. But after such a fabulous black history month, I thought I'd say a few words. Proud to be Harlem Mama! I just love showing some #blackgirlmagic with two magical girls by my side. And we have friends of all races so we are blessed. I feel proud that black folks represented all over the place this month, from the SuperBowl to the White House to the Oscars (or lack thereof) to the voting booths to the classrooms....and the list goes on and on. I have to say Awesomely Luvvie gave a nice rundown and inspired me to keep on keeping on in the months ahead. Not saying that I'm going to revive the blog completely, but I will keep in mind that I am magical, surrounded by magical beings and occasionally, I must share! But in all honesty, I haven't had much to say. I've been mothering, I've been dating, I've been chattering about the elections to everyone I know. I've also been feeling like being a private old soul, keeping most of my inner thoughts to myself. I thought about it, and I wondered, what if I just kept blogging and marketing Harlem Mama as a brand? Maybe I'm more country mouse than city mouse for it to work anymore. I'm not there in branding, may never be there, because this blog is more of a personal journal than something appreciated by the masses. So I believe. One day, it may grow into something else! Who knows? For now, it's a scrapbook of memories.

The hunt for a school still continues, as middle school encroaches upon us. I don't worry so much about schools because, I feel like we got a lot out of this year so far by doing the extracurriculars and just staying on top of school work. Both girls are doing well, and that's all I really ask. But this hood of mine definitely needs some sprucing of the schools. I take the good with the bad now because when I walked down the halls and saw classroom doors filled with Fight the Power, Black is Beautiful, All Shades of Me....there is definitely something to say about having the girls know how beautiful and intelligent they are thanks to the teachers doing their thing. My favorite part of this year was taking Amelia to Spelman College for a tour researching a black history project.  Sadly, for her Harlem Renaissance project, she landed Herbert Hoover. There was only so much we could do with that. We wanted real Harlem roots on that project, but sometimes it happens that way. Despite having to teach her about the Great Depression and shantytowns called Hoovervilles, we've still had some groovy times.

Speaking of groovy, my daughters are upset that they aren't caught up on the Good Times reruns like all their friends. So I am waiting for the box set to get here. How can I possibly deprive my babies of Good Times? I cannot. I just cannot. I must introduce them to the 70s properly. I'm singing in my head. Can't wait.

So all in all, it's been good times lately, just like the show, taking the good with the bad and making some memories. It helps that I'm not taking the school thing so seriously anymore. We had some bad seeds, but we've already spit em out and moved on.

And making sure that Gracie sees this one day and doesn't say, "Mom, you never talk about me!"...I do have to say my Gracie has been my little heart, too. She's like my hidden pearl that I don't like to share much on. She's just a sensitive, sweet little one that's still like a baby in my arms sometimes. She hasn't grown out of baby girl yet so she's just really precious right about now. She's reading like a little pro now and she actually knows more texting shortcuts..."gtg" means "gotta go" since she's been playing Animal Jam like a fiend. I love that National Geographic decided to come out with something for the kids. It's educational, but fun for them. Both of them. If it can entertain a 6 year old and a 10 year old simultaneously, kudos. But we ration time and chores have to be done before screen time happens so it works out for me...that room stays clean. We are online in the household, but I am not naive....predators everywhere. So I scan, set rules and try my best to keep up. Anyway, gtg....need to go buy some milk. 


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