Growing Older.

I have Lemonade on repeat. Love it, of course, but one song was stuck in my head when I went to visit an elderly family member very stubborn and set in her ways. She's on the decline and she no longer seems to want or can take care of herself. No matter how many people try to get through to her the things she needs to do since she's going to be on her own very soon. Her only child needs to live a life now instead of watching her slowly die.  She promises she'll eat, but she rarely does. Slow decline, slow death. We hope she'll change, but she just gets meaner as she becomes more unwell. This is a part of life, but it is a challenging part to witness. I remembered an article I read that moved me about an elderly man who didn't want to die alone, but it was hard for others to be around him as he grew more difficult. It's a good read, here it is. No matter where you are, the story is relatable since no day is promised and we all die. But I wish her child peace. I know this is hard.


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