Just Say NO. Please stand up and say this is not allowed.

 We are going to have to take a moment to stop and realize that right now America needs a wake up call. This administration is breaking up families by separating children from their mothers at the U.S.-Mexico border. This inhumane act was the same action of the Gestapo - when Jews were persecuted during the Holocaust. Millions of Jews died in during World War 2 and it began with things that at first didn't cause outrage amongst a very similar set of citizens of that time. Citizens that started to believe that something was wrong with their Jewish neighbors. They were different. They believed Jews were polluting the surroundings so they needed to be removed. Families were taken from homes and public spaces and then arrested.  After these arrests they were placed in concentration camps where they worked and starved to death. If you don't know history, you may repeat history. America is no stranger to abuse of people considered different like the Japanese Internment and the abuse (mass incarceration) of Black and Brown people and many of us know these things, but we fail to act. There need to be more allies to people of color standing up and saying, no, we do not accept this behavior from our government. This must stop.

People come into this country because of the suffering they face at home, like terror from gangs or impoverished conditions. Whatever the circumstances are, people travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles from their homes to seek refuge. They are cruelly being turned away from the borders of a nation that once was a beacon of hope. America is sleeping and needs to be awakened. How can children be separated from parents for months, and the whereabouts of some of the children be unknown? How can something so awful be happening in this country? Separating children from their mothers...Losing children in this broken system....breaking up families. This is not what we are about.  This must stop. 


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