Peace and Violence

Sadly, Childish Gambino's "This Is America" reminds me of how important that as we take in the beauty of America, we acknowledge the number of lives daily consumed by the gun. Violence. A bullet. Fear. Poverty. These things we constantly have to activate against. As more and more places of peace and community become infected with gun violence, I just think that this has been in communities of color for so long that so many are numb. Guns infect the peace. But I think what many Americans are afraid of is being unarmed against the largest military organization in the world that often looks home to quell "uprisings." Can those guns turn against us? It speaks of fear. Can my neighbor turn against me? What if I am unarmed? Numerous countries are dealing with this, not just America. We sell arms everywhere. So when do the peaceful have a say? When does it become safe? Once I see leaders fight for a peaceful nation at home and abroad, maybe I will see the fight for a just world coming into fruition. Until then, we must leave it up to our entertainers and journalists to report back the reality of what it means to be armed. Layers of meaning behind the idea that we are preparing ourselves for the apocalypse. But before that day comes, there will be people fighting for peace by acting peacefully. That is the truest revolution. To overcome the fears that make violence flourish should be the goal of a true revelation. Helping the mentally ill. Correcting the financial imbalance of the world. Promoting a society that accepts the world as neighbor, not foe. Many are walking in the right direction. Many are trapped in sickness and poverty. We can do better. This America and our planet. Home is home. No need to destroy it by destroying each other. 


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