Saying Goodbye

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade recently committed suicide and I am fans of both. I am sorry they saw death as the best option. It is absolutely not. My first Kate Spade bag was a big deal to me. I felt grown and it was a good feeling. Bourdain and I were bff's in my head through my love of his show Parts Unknown and the others before that. Before my trip to South Africa, I rewatched his show and I loved his perspective. I loved his life, but he didn't and that breaks my heart. I mourn for their children left behind. I hope they grow knowing their parents loved them infinitely, but life became overwhelming. I remember Bourdain talking about how much fun he had making his daughter's lunch and if I remember correctly, it inspired a book.

Even though these are troubling times, it is also dynamic. The world is changing, but I believe for the better even if the news reports don't say that. Living in sadness and fear is a personal struggle that we all should look out for in our friends and family. Reach out and tell people you love them, they are beautiful and their life matters. Stay away from the negative news and find positivity in the little things that truly matter.  I tell the spirits of these talented people, you were amazing and travel beautifully into the light.

The Lifeline is here for you. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for help & support. 


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