I've been traveling up and down the East Coast and having a good time with family and friends. I joined Weight Watchers and I'm hoping for a change. School starts soon so that's the focus right now. I read some good books. Right now, I'm reading Hillary Rodham Clinton's "What Happened." I'm really enjoying it. I was inspired so I wrote her a letter. I hope she gets it.

This waterfall above really tested my limits. I went hiking with a BFF and thought for sure I was about to die. I'm out of shape. It was a real hike that had me sweating buckets.
I saw the Obama portraits plus so much more in person. Excellent!

Participated in a Caribbean Festival that was scandalous, but lots of fun. Nothing too major. Just lots of booty shaking.

I painted, I watched the kids paint. I had a good summer.


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