Queen Aretha.

What a way Queen Aretha moved me! I was a teenager full of drama and angst when I discovered her. My red and black CD full of great hits passed around my friends back to me over and over. When I wanted to sing, I put Queen Aretha on, knowing that only I could appreciate my voice amongst the family teases. It was the soul. I felt her soul deep down in me whenever I needed the Queen to speak to my aching heart or my powerful declaration of independence. Whatever the reason, I found acknowledgement of my emotions. In honor of her, I ordered Amazing Grace, a gospel album known to be one of her best.  No more suffering for her. I am thankful for that. 


  1. Thanks Harlem Mama. That's why they call her the Queen of Soul. That's it. She spoke to our individual souls and the Soul Collective. Across the globe young and old were attuned to her spirit. Heaven is welcoming her with open arms.


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