The Serena I See

Serena Williams has truly faced monsters. This woman has brought so much finesse and prowess to the sport of tennis that she has earned her title of Greatest of All Time. With her badass self, calling out racists and ranters that constantly berate her with the most sexist, bigoted treatment, I say THANK YOU. If I have learned nothing from the constant attack on Serena, it's that black women are so unfairly treated, whether they are deemed angry for standing up for themselves. Or ugly for trademark body features of a sister. Or overly dramatic for pointing out inequality. Or disposable when it comes to our right to humane healthcare. Her life has been a testament to black women that this is no easy world we live in. Since she is a public figure, we get a glimpse into the things said about us behind our backs.  We see that being the greatest ever still can't hold back the hate. Black achievement offends the insecure. She reminds us that our struggle to get equality is real and the tables are stacked against us. But she also helps us see that we should continue to strive to be the best because we can be.

What I see:
What they see:
Haters, I tell you. A strong woman is a threat to a weak man.

I will always have your back, GOAT.




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