I ain’t scared. Voting time is here.

It has been weeks of hateful violence in America. My heart goes out to the families who suffer. As people of color and the marginalized on a whole stand up to bigots and hate mongers, violence will be there. Justice must follow. So many predictions foretold this divided country once Trump was elected.   But the civil rights movement today burns strong as social media has allowed voices once silenced by the mainstream come to light. Sadly, for every reaction there is an equal opposite reaction.  The bigoted have found a voice and they feel they suffer despite the privilege and domination they possess in this country. But as Auntie Maxine Waters said of a pipe bomb delivered to her, “I ain’t scared.” This fight for equal rights and justice will continue despite these angry rogues. I have already placed my vote in the upcoming elections.  As millions act to purge our public officials that do so little for us, we continue to use our voices by organizing and voting. Will this part of history be told to the children of the future? Or will we continue to hide the truth from them with our white-washed textbooks and curriculum that refuses to tell the history of all the native people and the immigrants (as we all are despite the current dialogue)? History must be told and a re-education of the masses will ensure that all people’s stories are heard. The whiteness of American culture is inaccurate and it presents delusions of grandeur. Hidden in the crevices are untold stories. As they come to light, voter suppression, intimidation and violence are tactics that will not stop progress. We fight for freedom and justice. We vote. We march. We speak truth to power. I ain’t scared, y’all. Have you voted yet?


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