The Hate U Give

I recently watched The Hate U Give with the girls. I wasn’t sure if my little one could handle it, but I believed the message was important. My oldest read the book when it first came out so she was sharing her opinions. The movie is good, but the book is powerful. I think both hold up and should be watched and read by everyone.

Our children can possibly grow into leaders that stand up to injustice. As they see young people doing the same, maybe, just maybe they will remember that at any age they are powerful. In this day and age we have to pray that the children don’t hide in fear. As I hear stories of Furgeson leaders winding up mysteriously dead, I know there are forces that try to take down the future before it starts.   My faith in God and the ancestors before me keep me continually writing or posting to hopefully inspire others. There must be freedom for black people in America.

Down in Georgia a highly watched race for governor just happened during the midterms. If it wasn’t for voter suppression with more than 200 poll sites closing down and tens of thousands, mostly black, voters purged from the registry, Stacey Abrams could have been the first black female governor in the nation. When you know you have to cheat to win, the tides are changing and eventually, truth wins.

Pray for my children as I pray for yours and as our ancestors prayed for us.  Freedom for all doesn’t mean taking away the freedoms of one community over another. In this nation, there is enough room for everyone.


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