What Truth Sounds Like

I'm almost finished with the Dyson book and it's great. I learn how to grow as a black person in America the more I read about the struggle for equality and freedom. He reiterated to me how we are not free in this society as long as the color of skin dictates, jobs, schooling, housing, incarceration and representation in leadership...so many things. I feel like I am constantly learning how to be a black woman navigating this country. Black thinkers like James Baldwin should be studied and revered and in this book his words are masterfully broken down and understood. The book taught me how the most well-intentioned white person still has issues seeing the needs of Black America and responding with true respect and solutions. I saw how getting angry is necessary and sharing the truth with even the most liberal, progressive white people requires in-depth conversations and dialogue. I learned that there are different ways to go about activism and how old and young people differ in how to get the message of black people out.  Michael Eric Dyson wrote a book to white America not too long ago and I think that should be required reading in today's schools. What Truth Sounds Like should also be studied. If anyone feels like picking up a copy and discussing with me, then please get in contact. I'd like to talk about it.


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