Can't put down this book.

How Long 'Til Black Future by N.K. Jemisin does not disappoint. I don't even want to say one word about this book because I want you to savor and enjoy it. The worlds she creates are truly magical and it's a great read. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

It's Friday evening and I am relaxing. I really love Fridays.  The tree is up. Stockings are hung. I'm hosting Christmas and looking forward to celebrating with my loved ones. My children keep me in the season and I know it will be different when they grow up. So thankfully, the holidays bring me joy.

I understand the sentiment for those who don't like this time of year. Years ago, I found it unbearable. But time has changed and I'm grateful for my change of heart. My mother told me that we can't live in the dark space of a pained childhood forever. From the perspective of a woman who lost her mother as a young girl, I truly listen to her advice.  At some point, we grow to forgive and move forward with our lives, always remembering, but making peace with the past. I agree with her, but I also understand that some people grow up loved and cared for and some people grew up learning to survive. Those are two very different mindsets and healing may be a challenge to some survivors.  I am loved and grateful. But none of the love pouring in meant anything until I loved myself.

One day at a time and living in the present is the best way to get through the holidays. Finding simple pleasures is also helpful. I'm so excited about the books coming out this month that I only wish the rest of my family liked to devour books the way I do. That's my simple pleasure, reading.  I hope you find time for your simple pleasure this holiday season.


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