Collard Greens and Brown Stew Chicken on the New Year menu.

The New Year is upon us and I am praying for a year ahead filled with health and happiness. Who knows what 2019 brings? I am staying optimistic. I won’t let current events break my spirit. I detox on the news every now and then, choosing to pray for those suffering instead of burdening my sensitive mind with every story of suffering.

One thing that has been challenging for me in 2018 is cooking. Recently, I realized that if I plan on happily feeding my family, I am going need to follow more recipes. One thing I know for certain, there are millions of delicious recipes that I can follow that will please these picky eaters. For the new year I made collard greens. An American tradition, collard greens signify wealth and abundance. I got my recipe from divascancook. Also, from the same site I got a very good Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken recipe. This year, I plan to get more into my cookbooks. This change in the kitchen has brought some eyes up to heaven with thankful cries of “Finally!” More hits, less misses. I’m learning that I can’t just rush a meal. Rushed meals with my imagination as the base are usually misses. I’m not the only cook in the household so I can put a little more effort on my days to cook. That is my New Year’s Resolution.

This year I am looking forward to a little traveling. I will be in Jamaica in January for a birthday bashment. I am hoping to be in Mexico in the summer for Spanish immersion classes with my girls. Nothing is set in stone yet, but that is the goal. 2018 was great because I went to South Africa. I loved every moment of my trip. We also did DC and Disney. I don’t expect as much travel in 2019, but I don’t know what the year ahead will be like.  It’s all blessings so I’m thankful.

I hope everyone has a prosperous New Year and I hope we all work together on relieving some of the suffering out there. Cheers to 2019.

Check out recipes I saved on Pinterest.


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