Borders, Books and Birthdays

I am waiting to get our country back. The hundreds of thousands affected by the government shutdown now going into its second month is staggering. People are being evicted from their homes. People detained by ICE waiting years for hearings are being told they will have years more to wait. Guns are getting through security checkpoints at airports. Black people are disproportionately being thrown into chaos. Haven’t the American people paid enough for this barbaric Stone Age wall? 

I just finished Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics. I learned so much. I was inspired and impressed with these women. This is a playbook on how to make a career of politics as a black woman and the historical precedent set by Brazile, Caraway, Daughtry and Moore. The history lessons are definitely worth reading. I highly recommend this book. All women interested in running for an elected position will learn from it.

I am headed to Jamaica for my mother’s 70th birthday celebration. We plan to have a raucous good time with plenty of friends and family. What a blessing to be 70. She is so poised and full of grace as she heads into another decade. I look forward to pouring heaps of love and admiration on her this weekend. 


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