Joy after loss, seasons of life

The first tulip of the season arrived in my garden. I remember planting them with a friend keeping me company months back. It was a hazy, winter day. Or was it Fall? I don’t remember. Now today is the Spring Equinox. The seasons push us through life, whether we go willingly or not. It has been a sensitive  time with a plane crash and a massacre permeating our news cycle. I cried. I know I am not alone.  There was also a deadly cyclone in Africa. We are more aware of the suffering now. We are all neighbors now. What happens across the world can be as emotional as if it happened nearby. What gives me strength is knowing death is just a part of the cycle, another season. In time there will be a rebirth. What will grow from my ashes one day? Whatever that may be, let it bring joy. I pray that after the mourning and rebuilding of souls hardened by loss that joy is found again. That is what I wish for my neighbors.


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