The latest.

I’ve been in the garden quite a bit these days. Outside in spring is better than online.

I finished up some courses I was taking and I’m working on my Spanish. I’ve been busy.

I bought a lot of dirt to mix with my compost and compost I got from the county. I’m working on a rich mixture for my soil.

I’ve tried to avoid the TV news somewhat, but I’m still reading the papers.

Yesterday I made a Greek Chickpea Salad from Skinnytaste that a friend passed along to me. Delish! I highly recommend.

We are getting ready for a month long immersion into Mexican culture. Headed to Puerto Morelos. The girls are not excited about taking Spanish lessons on summer break, but I plan to keep the trip as fun as I can.

I think I realized that I can become jaded about suffering because I read about it. I try to remember to be kind and compassionate when I can. I try to go to church, but I struggle in the mornings. I feel better when I go. Working on it.

Song stuck in my head is Natty Dread Rides Again. Bob Marley sums up where my head is. A black woman trying to make the best of Babylon.


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