Complaints and miracles

Today I realized I have to do better in some things. Cooking frustrates me, but today was okay in the kitchen. Until the pipe under leaked. Someone I called said I should survive because I am familiar with the rolling countryside of Jamaica so I will be fine. I melted at not being able to have water in the middle of preparing a meal. Weak. Disappointed in myself for flipping out so royally over a busted pipe. But I know nothing of plumbing and I expect the men in my life to just fix it. My old uncle was recovering from surgery and my husband was exhausted from work. I was privileged at that moment and I needed to check myself. I am doing that now. But my point is that this house is old and things break. I can't just call some contractor every time something goes bad. I don't roll like that. So my leaky pipes that requires good stuff coming out of Home Depot are not happy. I've spent as much as I could replacing things and so.much.has to be returned. I'm frustrated. How can people fix homes with fixtures that are crap right out the packaging?  How come they can't make the pipes that were there 20,30 years anymore? I feel like my house represents the eroding infrastructure. It needs help. I'm doing my best, but since I have only one place to shop for all of this (monopoly), all I can do is complain.

But my whole amazing thing that happened today was that a sparrow flew into my daughter's room. Or the cat brought it in. But however it got there, it was beautiful. And it was nature when you least expect it. It left behind a little feather. Cool moment in time.


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