Free the people.

One thing quite clear to me is that women are trying to get their voices heard and keep their bodies safe.And I also know that there are many men out there supporting and loving these women in their lives. Where this great divide between genders is still there, but the players of injustice sometimes escape me. Women across the world are organizing their elections, but just because they are a part of the process doesn’t necessarily mean they have any power to relieve themselves of second class citizenry or suffering. By this I mean being able to participate in fair elections. Also, by being educated and able to better providers for their families. Raising women out of poverty helps entire families, men are included in that. Giving a woman the right to choose her family planning keeps her free. A free woman scares a lot of people, even other women. Whatever type of governing system a culture chooses, the goal should be to live war free with basic needs met. Allow people free movement. Protect and serving the public over personal profits is the goal. Why America is so striated now is that healing between people that was beginning to happen. But deep down in many communities across America these divides are small and insignificant. Cultures share with each other and respect each other’s difference. I don’t care who challenges our next president, I just hope this person has a stronger moral code that is built on compassion and community building. Peace is possible. We are not as far from that reality as we think.


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