The Rainforests Give us Breath

It's an overcast, but pleasant Sunday and I thought I'd share a few words. It was a busy week in the news and emotional as well. The rainforests are burning, just weeks after indigenous peoples of the Amazon won rights to their land in court. Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro, also elected thanks to viral, frenzied, right wing news stirred up Brazilians into supporting a man considered worse than Trump. He has sold of many parts of the rainforest to big agribusinesses that burn the land to provide nutrients for the soil after they cut down the trees. Considering how vital the rainforest is to the globe's air filtration capabilities and nourishing living things with oxygen, this is not a local issue as Bolsonaro claims. This is a global catastrophe that deserves the strictest sanctions against Brazil immediately. Also, we should cut back on our meat consumption. They are tearing down forests across the world to make room for farms. Our appetites are insatiable and it is a destruction to our own well-being. Just cut back if you don't feel like going vegan. Cut back and save the planet's trees. These trees are the lungs of our beautiful Earth. She needs it to breathe just as we do. The trees are life. And they also protect us from drought and famine. Countries like India and Ethiopia have taken on massive tree replanting initiatives and over the years, I assure you they will see the difference. We all must be progressive and we must stop the insanity of selling off the Amazon to big business. It absolutely must stop. Follow the Rainforest Action Network to keep up with the stories of palm oil production, cattle ranches and deforestation to name a few. I've supported them since I was a teenager and I believe in their cause. Bolsonaro is no good for this planet's resources. This isn't some colonial speech talking down to a nation of indigenous people. This is the concern of millions of people who know how important the rainforests are to our survival as a species. My daughter has been worried and concerned. She is afraid of the world we are leaving to her. Her generation must be outraged and I support them wholeheartedly.

And as always, forgive any typos or anything. These are free flowing thoughts I have.

Update: The Atlantic just did a very in depth piece about the science behind the Amazon's oxygen production and how maybe my facts are little skewed. Read the article if you're interested. I learned some things. 


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