Words on the State

What do we say to the State?
We relinquish our arms for peace.
Will they relinquish theirs?
Or when we rise up against injustice, will they turn arms against us?
Will the people outwit the might?
Or will they become pawns in a game of loss?
Watching the innocent die,
Watching the guilty lie,
Conjuring thoughts of death 
When life and beauty rests on the pallid faces.
How many sojourns to peace 
Before we truly lay down our weapons?
And walk the path of goodwill to others 
And ourselves. 


The poison that is racism
Leaks from the bones of America
The new life growing in all shades of humanity
Raises a pus and infestation in the hearts of 
Closed Souls.
They fear the brown and black 
Their guns round up the innocent into stockades.
Human beings as cargo
Not fit for decent treatment
According to the scared and possessed. 


What will become of this young fertile land? 
200 years almost nothing compared to the civilizations of the past.
Native people are fighting for representation and control of their destinies.
The Reservations, prisons hiding the infinite Earth powers clouded by poverty.

It is necessary to right the wrongs. 
See her run for Congress, then President maybe.
Indigenous peoples’ rights, women’s bodies
Disrespected, but no longer forgotten. 
Grassroots reveal the truth.
Communities gather,
Women gather.
Fists in the air

Mouths spreading truth to anyone who will listen.


Do you stand up for the child who fails to see the path? 
Is intelligence a waste of resources?
Is education a waste of time?
Are we meant to be working cogs of the feral Old Boy’s America?
While people like me fold laundry and read the paper?
What happens when we lose knowledge?
Do we stop visiting planets and moons?
Do we stop creating magic like the Internet?
Do we die in childbirth? Car accident? Cancer?
Do the lights go off?
Do we close the museums?
Do we just work for the money 
And call it a Day?


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