For our leaders and ourselves

Cyphon the truth from the mouths of truth deniers
Facts are born from knowledge and understanding.
Our Earth, mass and multitude warms,
Life into extinction
Beings touched with power
Weakened and humbled by flowing water and blasting heat.
Torn from the breast of the Mother
For the most powerful sacrifice the poor
As pawns.
Where are the builders of a world where we grow food while saving
Ecosystems struggling to breathe
Let them breathe,
The Birds, frogs, whales and the plethora of beasts
Ushered into our care but neglected by our lust for more and more.
Am I too sacrificing our planet?
With my love for beauty and convenience?
Or must we see our globe as all nations in one
Respecting, traveling, moving, growing our Earth
Peoples, Plants, Predators and Prey
Moving alongside one another
Continents and its nations equal
Standing with our children
Rising up to meet destruction
With fists raised and organized, dutiful love to
Self, each other and planet.
We raise them to see the Earth as the home we could not save
As something to cherish, protect
Cool with less carbon, more plants
Solar, Wind, and the search for even more renewable energy.
We do this for the children we do not see
That listen to our spirt whispers
Saying Survive, Live, Prosper
Return to the indigenous their Earth once stolen
Reparations for the enslaved and their children.
Can technology be in the corner of saving life?
As we feed the multitudes, we must live
As stewards
Serve our Earth by feeding as many as we can.
Housing as many as we can.
Learning from our ancestors how to live
Within the ecosystems given.
Our earth moves and we must also.
For the better of everyone.
To our leaders, we wish you a heart
Of kindness and respect for life.
That is the end and beginning.
Infinite love and kindness to all.


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